The endowment fund is the only campaign to raise funds for the Foundation for Iowa Jaycee Charities. The Foundation for Iowa Jaycee Charities is a non-profit organization which serves as an administrative structure for corporate and individual contributions to the Iowa Jaycees that are tax deductible under provisions of the Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3).

This selection from the Jaycee Creed describes, what makes the Foundation for Iowa Jaycee Charities unique among charitable organizations.

The Jaycees go beyond merely meeting the short term needs of people in Iowa. They are equally dedicated to meeting the need for leaders who will help Iowa for generations to come.

The Jaycees work in local communities across the state, motivating young business and professional people to get involved in a wide range of civic, charitable and human service projects. Members experience the joys of shared accomplishments and learn that life’s treasure is not in what you gain, but in what you give.

Here are just a few activities Jaycees spearhead:

  • Capital improvement projects for parks and recreational facilities;
  • Leadership Development Seminars and training on time management, money management, and stress management;
  • Seniors, children and families throughout Iowa are reached by the Jaycees, both directly and indirectly and through fund raising support for local charities.

Many charities ask for a contribution. The Foundation for Iowa Jaycee Charities ask for an investment. History has shown that investment in this work will continue to benefit our communities for years to come. The Foundation for Iowa Jaycee Charities is a non-profit corporation 501(c)(3).

Why give to the Endowment Fund? Many successful business people, government officials and civic leaders point to their Jaycee involvement as a key factor in their attainment of a rewarding life. If you have benefited in any way from your association with this great organization, the Endowment Fund is an excellent opportunity to “Return the Favor” so others may benefit as well.

Support of the Endowment Fund is vital to the future of the Jaycee Organization. Without Endowment Fund dollars, the Foundation will not be able to function. A strong Foundation is important to the financial future of the Iowa Jaycees.

A gift to the Endowment Fund is a share in the future of the Jaycees.